Senate candidate: Ambrozewicz says he’ll work with both parties

Skye Kinkade
Bogdan “Bo” Ambrozewicz is an independent candidate for California State Senate District 1.

Independent state senate candidate Bogdan  “Bo” Ambrozewicz said he’s anything but traditional and will strive to represent the people of District 1.

“First of all, this job should be part time,” Ambrozewicz aid. “There should be only two terms for state senate and then you’re out. We don't need career politicians. Both parties are bought and paid for by special interests and lobbyists.”

Ambrozewicz, 58, is a small business owner who makes his home in Greenwood, a small community in El Dorado County near Auburn.

Ambrozewicz faces three other candidates in the race for state senator, including Republicans Ted Gaines and Les Baugh and Democrat Julie Griffith-Flatter.

Ambrozewicz was asked his opinion on a variety of issues. His answers are below.

Why he’s the best candidate

The major difference between me and the other three candidates is that I am running as an Independent, I have the most diversified business experience and I don't work for the government. As building designer, builder and having had many businesses and joint ventures with my family for the past 35 years, I have worked with the bloated government bureaucracies. I had to balance budget and get projects done on time.

Also as an Independent I will work with both parties because I'm not bought by lobbyists and special interests.

Job creation

 We need to make California job friendly by reducing the fees, regulations, taxes and giving small business incentives. Unless we become competitive globally we will never get anyone to come to California to create jobs. California is the worst place to do business we have the highest fees and taxes.  I would propose legislation to invite business back to California.

Education funding

Over half of the state budget is spent on education. There is enough revenue, it is mismanaged. It doesn't reach the classroom but is spent on the bureaucracies. We need to reform education to be compete globally. I would propose to streamline and shorten the time for high school and college, that would go a long way to have a smarter work force save money to balance the state budget.

Medical marijuana

I have no issue with the medical use of marijuana, that is the only way that some people can relieve their pain.

Dam removal

I would not remove the dams. We need to stop sending our water down to Southern California for more lawns in the desert. Let's start using common sense and logic when planning developments.

Balancing the budget

I will not vote for more taxes at all. We need  balance and reduce the budget. We have a spending problem not a revenue one. To balance the budget we need to make cuts across the board. We also need to put most state agencies out for bid like we do in the private sector. We can also do more private-public partnerships. There is a lot of duplication with federal and state regulations. We need to live within our means and start removing outdated laws and regulations.

Proposed hound hunting ban

I'm not against responsible hunting as long as we do it for our consumption and not just to kill the animals. I only support hounds to find an animal that has created a danger to humans or livestock.   

Favorite place in Siskiyou

My favorite place is Mt. Shasta. I enjoy hiking the area. I have been to the top of Mt. Shasta. I have been an athlete all my life and have run hundreds of ultra marathons including 100 mile runs.

For more information

To learn more about Ambrozewicz, his policies and his campaign, go to You can also reach him directly by calling (530) 575-7454.