Barbara Murphy: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Barbara Murphy

Someone who was obviously trying to cheer me up sent me an email: Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts!

Now that’s deep! True, but deep! If today is the youngest I’m ever going to be, why don’t I feel like jumping on Marissa’s trampoline? (She calls it her jumpolene!)

This week is starting out with all of the qualifications of becoming “the week from hell” for me. First thing this morning, I returned a call to the dermatologist’s office because I missed their phone call on Friday when they were supposed to give me the results of two biopsies I had done at their office last week.

The nurse, who gave me the report, explained that I have to have two spots surgically removed. I explained right back to her that the next three weeks were going to be extremely hectic for me and could I wait at least until after my granddaughter’s high school graduation on June 16 to have these procedures done?

In so many words, she told me that the doctor likes to strike while the iron is hot and while the spots he had biopsied are still visible. In other words: No! It couldn’t wait. She scheduled me for an appointment the very next afternoon.

After getting this piece of unwelcomed news, I got ready to go for another doctor’s appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to have my right knee checked out, on the very same day that I learned I was about to have two surgical procedures done to my face!

This is my good knee I’m speaking about; the knee I’ve never had a problem with until last week, when it suddenly began to lock up on me, like an old screen door with a broken hinge. I knew that this just wasn’t another visit from Arthur (Arthur-itis). There was something else amiss here.

By the end of that doctor’s appointment, in late afternoon of the same day, I knew that I was facing an MRI on Wednesday to see just how bad the bone spur was that the physician’s assistant had seen on the x-ray, and that it would most likely mean a trip fairly soon to the O. R., for a repair procedure.

In the meantime, I also remembered that weeks ago I had already scheduled a previous appointment with my family doctor for another procedure that women have done on a yearly basis. Are you beginning to get the picture here?

Let’s just say that by Tuesday afternoon, I was pretty sure that both ends of my body would be scrutinized to the max!

I’m not feeling sorry for myself, you understand. There are a whole lot of people out there with a lot bigger problems than I’m facing. It’s just that I kind of feel that the gods have decided that instead of sprinkling me with a few drops of water, a whole bucketful would do a much better job of getting my undivided attention!

Disclosing this to everyone at once frees me up from having to explain to everyone I meet at one of the upcoming events I will be attending in the next few weeks, that I’m among the walking wounded and that band aids are the latest fashion statement. I may even decide to color-coordinate my outfits for these events with just the right shade of bandages.

Once upon a time, while living in Santa Barbara, I found myself sporting a cast on my left hand and arm. It was during the Christmas holiday season, so I simply had one of my friends make various colored sleeves to put over my cast, and coordinated them with whatever outfit I was wearing to a particular party. Not only were they a great fashion statement, they were also a great topic of conversation at these holiday dinner parties.

What is it they say? When God hands you lemons, you simply make lemonade!

Every now and then, when we’re riding along minding our own business, God puts a few speed bumps on the road in front of us to remind us that it’s not the destination that’s important; it the journey to where we’re going.

These types of obstacles remind us that we need to get our priorities straight!

And like I’ve said before many times, while I’m squeezing life’s lemons to make myself some lemonade, I have to look at the silver lining to the latest cloud on my horizon: All of these events that have helped to “alter and illuminate my life also give me something to write about to entertain you guys!

Am I right, or am I right?

Stay tuned…….