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STORY IDEA: Should communities ban sugar-based drinks to combat obesity?

DAVID ARKIN: Memorial Day web traffic shows why we need more unique mobile content

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NASCAR PAGE: Is Kahne's Coke 600 win the beginning of something big?

SUMMER BRIDE: Trends in bridesmaid dresses, cakes, hairstyles, invitations and more



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STOCKS: Stocks struggle out of the gate

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ROBERT MANN: The persistence of suffering - During a period of my life marked by acute emotional pain and anxiety, I decided to redouble my efforts to draw closer to Christ. I devoured Christian books, watched movies on the faith, and read scripture on a regular basis. On an intellectual level, I was putting effort into fulfilling the most important relationship in my life. On a day-to-day, brush-your-teeth, throw-out-the-old-socks level, I was looking for a quick and effective cure for my suffering. By Robert Mann, GHNS.

MARKETTA GREGORY: Church is an experience - For me, church is not just a building or even a group of people who worship and serve together – it’s something that happens. By Marketta Gregory, GHNS.

RELIGION NEWS: Baptists start Zimbabwe Theological Seminary -- weekly Religion News with a Baptist group starting a new seminary school in Zimbabwe, "A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars" by Jonathan Merritt and more. GHNS

YARDSMART: Ants are ranchers --   Ants are farmers, or, more accurately, they're ranchers. They may decide to homestead your veggies, but it's not to feed upon these plants. Ants want to make your garden a home for their livestock. Ants favor two insects that they do not eat, but encourage to reproduce and spread into much larger colonies. Why? Maureen Gilmer/ Scripps Howard News Service

GARDEN LOVE: Rekindling your garden romance -- I've never before looked at my garden and thought, "You just don't turn me on anymore." The realization hit me hard, and I immediately started rearranging containers, hiding scraggly spiderwort and declining hollyhocks under the cuttings table and splurging on new yard art. Penny Carnathan/ Scripps Howard News Service

GARDENER: As a garden workhorse, sage is all the rage -- Whether you're looking for a tough, drought-tolerant annual or perennial, hummingbird or bee magnet, head-tall vertical accent or, of course, tasty culinary seasoning, there's something in the 100-plus member Salvia species to fill the bill. Scripps Howard News Service

DECOR TRENDS: Riding the wave of shipshape decor -- Get ready to be shellshocked. The International Home Furnishings Market was awash in all manner of sea life as manufacturers dove into an ocean of design ideas. Patricia Sheridan/ Scripps Howard News Service

GEEKOLOGY 101: Now your journey is complete, my young apprentice - I? don’t usually write about my kids. I leave that type of editorial content to those that do it better. But some things are just too important not to write about. Every father, well maybe every geek-father, has a dream. That dream involves "Star Wars." By Gary Darling, Maryville, Mo.

LLOYD GARVER: It's a search engine, stupid - You'd have to be crazy to lie on your resume these days. It's so easy for others to use a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo! to check that resume. So who would try to sneak a lie past them? The CEO of Yahoo! By Lloyd Garver, GHNS.

JEFF FOX: There’s got to be a word for that -- So we cling as best we can to what is true and lasting, to keep us on, or at least near the right path. Yet scientists remind us that no star is fixed. Each is racing a zillion miles an hour this way or that, but from the perspective of Earth, over the short course of a human life, nothing appears to change. The Examiner (Mo.)

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STAY TUNED: Another great season for 'Deadliest Catch' - “Deadliest Catch,” Discovery Channel's reality series about men who fish the Bering Sea for Alaskan king crab, has been on the air for eight seasons. The stakes have always been high for the crews of the Time Bandit, Northwestern, Kodiak, Wizard and newer additions Seabrooke and Ramblin' Rose. But this season the ever-present question of “Will the crews catch enough to meet their financial obligations?” reaches a tipping point when they find out that their fishing quotas have been slashed by almost half. By Melissa Crawley, GHNS.

NEW MOVIES: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' -- Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth team up as the title characters to take down an evil witch played by an icy-cold Charlize Theron. Let’s just hope it’s fairer than this year’s other revisionist Snow White tale, “Mirror Mirror.” Al Alexander/ The Patriot Ledger (Mass.)

SNOW WHITE REVIEW: Movie review: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is more grim than Grimm - Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth team up as the title characters to take down an evil witch played by an icy-cold Charlize Theron. By Al Alexander, The Patriot Ledger.

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GREATER GLORY REVIEW: Movie review: ‘For Greater Glory’ is less than glorious - "For Greater Glory" chronicles the Mexican government’s brutal suppression of Roman Catholicism during the Cristero War from 1926 to 1929. By Bob Tremblay, MetroWest, Mass

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FARR SIDE: Phillip Phillips in the zone on 'American Idol' - Phillip Phillips did the unimaginable during Season 11 of “American Idol.” He underwent surgery eight times during the competition and still managed to win. Season 11 was one of the best “Idol” seasons, rivaling Season 5. By David T. Farr, Sturgis, Mich.

MUSIC Q&A: Kinky Friedman on his tour, politics and The Texas Jewboys -- If just seeing the name Kinky Friedman isn’t enough of a grabber, check out a few facts about the Jewish singer-songwriter-raconteur from Texas. Early bands included The Three Rejects and King Arthur and the Carrots. He found success and notoriety with his band The Texas Jewboys. Ed Symkus/ MetroWest Daily News (Mass.)

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O’MAHONEY CARTOON: Romney and Trump separated at birth? By O'Mahoney, The Patriot Ledger.

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MAKING CENTS: When market disruptions drive decisions - Investment markets do not behave in a linear fashion or in concert with how they've behaved in similar circumstances. This time will be no different. By John P. Napolitano, The Patriot Ledger.

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