10 Fastest-Growing Drunk Nations

Jason Notte

Americans drank 19.97 gallons of beer per capita last year, according to Euromonitor International. That's down 7% from 2006 and has dragged Anheuser-Busch InBev(:BUD) and MolsonCoors(:TAP) sales in the U.S. down with it.

The global beer market's shifting a bit, however, and markets in the former Soviet republics, Asia and even the Middle East are developing increased tolerance for big quantities of brew. Euromonitor International has been looking into global beer drinking trends and told us where beer has seen a huge jump in popularity. In the country with the fastest-growing beer market in the world, it's even making big brewers reconsider their definition of beer. Euromonitor shared its data with us and pointed out the 10 nations where there's a longer line at the tap than ever:

10. Belarus

Increase in beer consumption from 2010-11: 5.8% 

Former Soviet republics are big beer fans to begin with, and Belarus is no exception. While it can't keep pace with Lithuania and Estonia, which rank among the world's Top 10 beer-drinking nations, it's starting to build its tolerance a bit. The giant brewers staked out this market long ago; Carlsberg owns its Alivariya, Desyatka and Brovar labels and Heineken produces Belarus' Bobrov and Rechtiskoe brands. The biggest force behind Belarus' beer habit, though, is Belarus itself. The state-owned Krinitsa brewery accounts for more than 35% of the nation's brewing market, while state-owned Brestkoe and Stavka also keep Belarus awash in suds.