Weekend video: Sly's son was not depressed

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Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch weekend videos with more news on the death of Sylvester Stallone's son, a recap of Jeremy Lin's deal with the Knicks, the end of Comic-Con and more.

Sly's son was not depressed

A friend of the Stallone family tells E! 36-year-old Sage "wasn't trying to take his life." Watch his interview.

Sly Stallone on 'Living Through' Sage's eyes

In his first movie with his son, Sage, Sylvester Stallone "put [his] heart into the film," imparting his own philosophies of fatherhood and family. In the fifth "Rocky" movie, the title character says that he's glad to have a son, so that he can "live through" his child's eyes. This is a sentiment that Sylvester admitted to sharing, as he stood on the red carpet of the film's premiere with Sage. "That, I think, is what fathers look to their children for -- a slice of immortality," Sylvester said at the "Rocky V" premiere.

Is Jeremy Lin worth $25 million?

Peter Schrager recaps Jeremy Lin's deal with Knicks.

Comic-Con wraps up Sunday

The four-day Comic-Con International trade show wrapped up Sunday with costume-clad attendees getting one last chance to get up-close with super stars, a film festival, Christian-themed comics to a celebration of 20 years of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

Basilica in Rome commemorates modern-day martyrs

Saint Bartholomew's basilica in Rome hosts an unusual collection of relics. Set up by the late pope John Paul II, its shrine commemorates Christians from all over the world who have been killed for their faith over the past century. Pilgrims come here to pay tribute to victims of communism, nazism and Islamic extremism.