Ask the Plumber: Separate bidet fixture can offer you some nice features

Ed Del Grande

Q: I'm a loyal reader and have read some of your articles on bidet-style personal washing toilet seats. While these seats did get me interested in adding a bidet to my new bathroom, I'm looking for a bidet that is separate from the toilet. Can you please give me some information on choosing a bidet plumbing fixture? Thanks! -- Frank, New Jersey

A: This is a great point to bring up. Bidet-toilet seats have become very popular in recent years. A big reason for this is that bathroom space is usually a concern, and having a toilet-bidet combo unit can save you some room since you're installing only one plumbing fixture. But, if you have the space and you're looking to add a more traditional look to your bathroom, a separate bidet fixture can be a good option. So, here are a few things to consider when thinking about adding a bidet fixture to your bathroom.

First, consult a licensed plumber to see if a bidet can be installed in your present or proposed bathroom. Things like location, water connections, drain lines and code issues need to be addressed. Then, decide if you would like a bidet with a "vertical" or "horizontal" spray. Also, choose a coordinating bidet faucet style that can match your sink, tub and shower faucets.

Finally, add up the material prices and the labor estimate to make sure your new bidet project will stay in your budget, without washing out your savings account.

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