Today in the news: Obama’s speech venue changed

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News to know

Isaac forced some schedule-changing at the Republican National Convention, and now the Democrats are being forced to change plans because of weather. President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday was moved from the 73,000-seat Bank of America stadium to the 20,000-seat Times Warner Cable Arena because of expected severe weather in Charlotte, N.C. Also in convention news, former President Bill Clinton will speak tonight at the DNC and compare Obama’s economic plans to his.

Quote of note

“2012 is now officially our worst year ever for West Nile disease.” - David Lakey of the Texas Department of State Health Services. Texas has been hit especially hard by West Nile disease this year, and the country as a whole has reported record numbers of the virus.

Hot video: Quebec premier rushed offstage as gunman fires

At an election night rally in Quebec, a gunman opened fire in the crowd as the new leader was giving her victory speech. Watch the video at

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