Heather Harris: Keeping my faith in the Patriots

Heather Harris

The New England Patriots, my hometown team, have started the 2012/13 season at 1-2.


I’m not used to this. My team -- well not really my team, I guess Bob Kraft gets credit for that -- has consistently been on the winning end of things for over 10 years now.

I guess I’ve been spoiled. Really spoiled.

I feel a touch guilty.

For many reasons, I think I’ve taken my team’s winning ways for granted. I just assumed they would always win, that they would make it to the post-season. That Tom Brady would never age.

I just assumed that Brady, aka Superman, would continue to find a way to pull off the “W” on the final drive. I even turned the television off early Sunday night, confident when I woke up Monday morning they would have beaten Baltimore.

Imagine my shock when I arose and realized two weeks in a row the Patriots were on the losing end of the battle.

As a Boston fan, I’ve pretty much given up on the Red Sox. I only watched two games this year, and one of them was because my good friend had free tickets at the ballpark. I knew it would be OK, though, as the Pats were just around the corner and would renew my faith as a fan.

Yet I sit here feeling a little lost. I have no idea why. But every time the Pats lose, I feel slightly depressed in the following days. It’s irrational but true.

I act as if I’m part of the organization, I guess in many ways the fans do contribute, but to invest myself emotionally in something I have zero control over seems a touch ridiculous.

Don’t ask me why, but the Pats, they give me hope. When they win, I feel that anything is possible. When they lose, I tend to turn fatalistic.

Strange that a professional sports team has this effect on me.

I realize I should focus my energies onto something else, like reconnecting with local friends, talking to my mom on the phone more or starting up an exercise class to better myself.

If they keep this up, I really won’t have a choice but to turn to a new outlet. There is only so much my antidepressant can do.

I need to remember to stand by my team whether they win or lose. This is after all what I preach to my children. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

The Patriots in some ways are like an old friend. I’ve let them into my home and they’ve sat with my family through many a Sunday dinner.

So even though times are tough, I won’t turn my back on them. I’ll keep the faith.

After all, the worst that can happen is that I’ll lose a few pounds from all the new exercise classes I sign up for if they continue this trend.

Heather Harris is reporter for the Norton Mirror, Mansfield News and Easton Journal in Massachusetts. A three-sport high school athlete and two-sport college athlete, sports have long been a passion of hers. The mother of two can be seen running through the streets of Mansfield where she currently resides. Heather Harris can be reached at hharris@wickedlocal.com