Gabrielle Giffords' Shooter Sentenced to Life in Prison

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The man who killed six people and injured 13 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, when he opened fire at a meet-and-greet in Tucson, Ariz. in January 2011, has been sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 140 years, reports.

The judge told Jared Lee Loughner the life sentences represent one for each of the people slain, plus one for his attempt on Giffords' life, according to CNN. Loughner also has no chance of parole.

Several of Loughner's victims, including Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, were present in the courtroom and many of them spoke at the sentencing. Both Giffords and Kelly stood at the podium facing Loughner, but only Kelly spoke. "Youmay have put a bullet through her head, but you have not put a dent in her spirit, and her ability to do good," he told the gunman, according to CNN. "Gabby and I are done thinking about you."

The prosecution referred to Loughner as a "mentally ill man" and called the shooting "an assault on democracy."

Earlier in the day, following testimony from a psychologist who sees Loughner in prison almost daily, the judge ruled that he was competent to be sentenced.

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