Gift suggestions for the traveler

Molly Logan Anderson

Guide books and plain old maps? Yawn. Travelers, whether they trek for work or pleasure, maintain a stockpile of items like these. Try something different for the traveler in your life. These journeyman-minded gifts have just what you’re looking for: flair, fun and purpose, planned with your traveler in mind.

Map interactive

Just like scratch-off lottery cards, this interactive map makes the process fun for even the weariest traveler. This world map reveals bright pops of color underneath to create and ever-changing piece of art. Watching the world change as they traverse it, the traveler on your list is sure to love taking a new look at their old habit—and seeing where it’s gotten them.

Price $24

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carry-on kit

Especially ideal for the not-so-often traveler with big travel plans, the 3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit offers 10 easy-to-fill, leak-proof squeeze tubes and an Envirosprayer. The reusable tubes come in various sizes and stand on their end to ensure easy use. Certified by the Transportation Security Administration, travelers who prefer not to check bags can expect to board hassle-free.

Price $24.95

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Don’t let the traveler on your list experience a loss of words when traveling in a foreign land. The Nyrius LT12 12 Language Global Digital Talking Translator Foreign Pocket-Sized Electronic Speaking Dictionary is the perfect travel companion. With the ability to cross-translate 12 languages and 8,400 travel-related phrases, this pocket-sized gadget is discreet. The included earphone speaks to the user, but the device speaks without it as well. 

Price $39.99

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Pretty passport

For passports constantly in use, the Saddle Leather Passport Holder ensures they’re dressed in style. Balanced somewhere between rugged and refined with the help of its distressed leather, this hand-stitched piece is perfect for regular travelers. Want to make it even more special?

Have it monogrammed and give it with the matching luggage tags or zip-top laptop case. 

Price $29.00

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Scenic trip

For nature-minded folks set on seeing all the gems our country has to offer, give them the gift of “America’s National Parks: An Insider Guide to Unforgettable Places and Experiences,” a gorgeous photography collection of nature’s greatest American achievements. Whether the traveler in your life savors every page while they plan their visits around the U.S. or the book triggers fond memories of past excursions, they’ll revisit it time and again.

Price $24.95

Where to find itOnline and bookstores nationwide