Record breaking rain pounds Mount Shasta

Skye Kinkade
Cars splash through a puddle several inches deep at the intersection of Alma and Mt. Shasta Boulevard Thursday afternoon just before trees fell to knock out electricity to most of the town.

With the Weather Channel predicting a record breaking snowstorm on Mt. Shasta’s summit, National Weather Service observer Frank Christina said a total of 2.6 inches of water has fallen in town as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

That shatters the old record of 1.81 inches for this day in history, set 80 years ago in 1932, Christina said.

Yesterday, on Nov. 28, 1.05 inches fell, though that’s not unusual or a record of any kind, he said.

The storm is also bringing gale force winds to Mount Shasta, with a few gusts hitting 40 miles per hour, he said.

In Weed, the metal roof of Silva’s Restaurant was peeled off by high winds which are predicted to be 60 to 70 miles per hour in gusts, Christina said.

With power knocked out for more than 2,000 customers by fallen trees along Old Stage Road, much of Mount Shasta was dark Thursday. More than half of the students at Mount Shasta Elementary and Sisson were picked up early by their parents.

Ray’s Food Place, Do It Best Hardware and Ace Hardware were doing steady business, as they were the only ones with generators.

“People are coming in for batteries, propane, that sort of thing,” said Keith Ramshaw, owner of Ace Hardware.

Record storm on Mt. Shasta?

Above 5,000 feet, the rain turns to snow, and Weather Channel forecasts call for 33 to 39 inches of snow on Mt. Shasta’s summit today. Overnight, an additional 37 to 43 inches is expected. Every 12 hours after that through Saturday night, 21 to 35 inches is predicted, with 11 to 17 inches on Sunday.

If you add up all those inches, Mt. Shasta would be covered in a minimum of 176 inches of snow come Sunday. The maximum amount would be 218 inches.