McCloud CSD finance director resigns

Carol Sunnucks

More change is on the horizon at the McCloud Community Service District as finance director and interim general manager Emily Coulter resigns.

After three years of service to the district, Coulter said she resigned to take a position that is closer to her Yreka home. She said the decision had nothing to do with the recent changes in the makeup of the district board, nor the additional work load she had assumed after the general manager was let go in July.

Coulter's resignation closely follows the installation of two new directors, Cathy Young and Chuck Ott, and the resignation of director Ken Anderson last month. It also comes at a time when the district staff is already sparse with the absence of a general manager and two other vacant public works positions.

"I realize this is not the absolute best timing, but I have been looking for a different opportunity for a while," Coulter said, explaining that she has agreed to continue helping the district on a contract basis while it searches for a new finance director. "I agreed to help out on a contract basis because I care about this District and its employees," she said.

District Board President Anne Simons said she is sorry to see Coulter go and added that she has been an excellent finance officer and interim general


"Though the timing is somewhat problematic, I expect that things will proceed with business as usual and necessary functions will continue uninterrupted," Simons said. "Presently the District is functioning effectively but replacing staff is necessary for continued efficiency."