Talking Cars: Veloster a fun, cool car

Junior Damato

Question: Last year you wrote your thoughts on the Hyundai Veloster and thought it needed more power. I know there is a turbo option and would like your thoughts on it.

Answer: Well, someone was listening, and the turbo Veloster is a real fun and practical car. I especially like the look of the coupe with the right rear door that allows a person to get in and yes put your bags and stuff in as well. The close ratio, short shift six-speed is smooth and easy to shift with light clutch pedal pressure. Our test model had all the options and the white seat stitching. The wide-open front grille allows maximum cooling while adding the muscle look of high line imports. Fit and finish were excellent and the list of standard equipment, optional in most other vehicles, leaves nothing to be desired. The heated front sport seats add comfort and back support. At $21,000 plus the $2,500 P4 tech package, this car is a bargain.

Question: What can you tell me about the new Lexus LS600H that’s coming out next year?

Answer: There is a lot of talk about the new Lexus LS600H. I had the opportunity to spend five days in a preproduction unit just before Christmas. This car is a great example of what a car company can do when they think long and hard about building a car that offers everything one could want without the bling effect of the flash. This car offers almost every feature one could want. Our all-wheel drive 5.0 liter V8-electric power test car offered great power and mileage through a CVT automatic transmission. Multi-adjustable four-place seating conforms to your body, and a large Nav screen with rear entertainment makes long drives seem short. The 600 is bigger and heavier than its little brother, which is also a full size car. Pricing is not available at this time. It is a car that other manufacturers will be watching closely.

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