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CHRISTMAS EVE SHOOTING: Webster, N.Y., paper first on the scene

STORY IDEA: What is the best diet for the new year?

NEW YEAR'S IDEA: Springfield paper starts new year by looking back



KIDZBUZZ: Martin Luther King Jr.

WINTER HEALTHY LIVING: Skin care,  budget-friendly (and healthy) lunch ideas and pediatrician tips for healthy kids

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MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY PAGE: A look at 1963, a milestone year

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The Street

CES: Windows phones coming to Sprint. Later.

-- Samsung touts TVs, takes shot at Apple:

-- Day 1 recap:

DIGITAL SKEPTIC: What's dumb at CES 2013

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FAMILY TIME: Swimming is not just for summer anymore -- Weekly family rail, with tips on winter swimming, a review of “Les Misérables” and more. GHNS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT -- Cupcakes for every occasion -- GateHouse News Service's weekly Food for Thought with tips on cupcake decorating, how to avoid unhealthy snacks, and added sugars. GHNS

Talking Cars: Veloster a fun, cool car -- Last year you wrote your thoughts on the Hyundai Veloster and thought it needed more power. By Junior Damato, Plymouth, MA.

Runners' Corner: Out with the old, in with the wild -- With the Christmas holiday now in the past, the New Year is just getting under way. By Tom Licciardello, North Andover, MA.

Hobbies: Make a brown-bag album for holiday photos -- Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby in recent years. By Shari Hiller and Matt Fox, Scripps.

Treasures: Can Elgin National coffee grinder brew up profits? -- I have a coffee grinder -- it is an Elgin National and is 25 inches tall. By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson, Scripps.

ButtonedUp: Unplug and enjoy life more -- Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill going slightly too fast to nowhere in particular? By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore, Scripps.

Ask the Plumber: Small kitchen remodel can make a big change -- We're planning to do a small kitchen remodel job by just changing our "drop-in"-style sink. By Ed Del Grande, Scripps.

Interiors: Kitchen-remodeling suggestions -- Well, we are into a new year and many of us are looking for something new for our lives. By Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, Scripps.

101 Ideas: Dress your house for winter -- By bringing heavier, more luxurious textiles into your space, you can dress your home for the colder weather. By Lana Kole, Scripps.

Pair enjoy living green -- In a pastel-yellow home, the windows are tinted and a Toyota Hybrid sits in the garage. By Laura C. Morel, Scripps.

Peggy Wilson's advice: Just do it -- In her 60s, Peggy Wilson’s main hobbies include gardening, quilting and reading – you know, quiet and relatively sedentary activities. By Adrianne DeWeese, Independence, MO.

Down to Earth: Bring in the new year with old treasures -- So many of the shiny new gifts and gadgets we have just received over the holidays, as well as everyday products, are fleeting; built with planned obsolescence in mind or disposal after one use. By Anne Mazar, Framingham, MA.

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Gangster Squad -- Yes, there was an actual gangster squad in Los Angeles throughout the 1950s. By Ed Symkus.

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Liccar cartoon: Congressional gunfight -- Joseph Liccar cartoon about Congressional fighting.

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The GrandALMS class structure is as good as it can get, right now -- Friday, Grand-Am and the American Le Mans Series made one of the most anticipated announcements of the new year: The 2014-15 class structure for a unified GrandALMS series (not the real name, because there isn’t a name for the newly-merged road racing circuit). By Chris Gill, Corning, NY.

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