Talking Cars: Dual mode exhaust cost

Junior Damato

Question: I own a 2010 Corvette with all options except the dual mode exhaust. I did have a set of aftermarket performance mufflers, and the drone sound from the mufflers is terrible, not to mention the car is just too loud to drive all day. I went to the dealer and inquired about buying a dual mode system and the cost was over $2,500 plus installation. I really would like the dual mode system. Do you know of any company that sells a dual mode system?

Answer: I have customers like you that tried to save money and install high performance mufflers that make more noise than they wanted. I have installed many dual mode systems that offer both great sound in both the closed and wide open mode. All this done with the push of the small remote button that slides down and fits firmly between the dash and radio trim. The system is made by Billy Boat. You can go on the Web and see and hear the exhaust. The cost is under $2,100 for the complete kit with the vacuum switching solenoid and hoses. The installation is an easy bolt in, and the system is the best I have ever seen or installed.

Question: I own a 2010 Honda Accord four-cylinder that has been serviced by the dealer since new. The dealer service advisor says that to keep the car in warranty I must continue all services at the dealer. I have asked a few different persons and no one seems to know for sure. Every time I go in for the oil change special, there is always much more service than just a simple oil change. I think I am being oversold.

Answer: I hear this a lot, and every time the answer is the same. You must follow the owner’s maintenance manual as for recommended service intervals. The required services can be done by anyone qualified to perform the service. You must use the correct oil and fluids that meet or exceed the factory oil and fluids to maintain the warranty. You must also keep all receipts with mileage and dates and all services performed. In some cases (not all), sometimes additional services not in the manual may be required. This does not give the dealer or an independent an open checkbook to oversell you services that you do not need.

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