Morning Jolt: Mom forces screaming toddler to get tattoo

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Mount Shasta Herald

Watercooler talk

Video surfaces of a mom making her young child get a tattoo. Scroll below to watch.

In the news

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested by police after they found a developmentally disabled 8-year-old girl locked in a wooden cage at home. Police went to the home after the estranged husband of the woman went to a school for a movie screening and saw the woman, who told the man the child was caged at her home. The man called police, who waited for the woman to return home.  

Gas update reports that the lowest prices are in Wyoming ($2.808) and Montana ($2.974).

Opening bell

The Dow Jones opened at 13,954.42 after finishing up 72.49 points Tuesday.

Motivational quote

“Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.” - Plutarch

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