Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis continues to deny PED use

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Ray day

Journalists asked Ray Lewis about these allegations during Tuesday’s Super Bowl XLVII Media Day, and the superstar LB was quick to refute them, stating: "Two years ago, that was the same report. It's not worthy of the press." Baltimore officials and coaches confirmed No. 52 has never failed a substance abuse test.

Breaking down some key matchups

If the 49ers can put consistent pressure on Joe Flacco, they will put themselves in a great position to win the Super Bowl. Conversely, if the Ravens can slow down Colin Kaepernick, they will be in a position to hoist the Lombardi trophy. If both of these things occur, we are in for a defensive battle.

How did they get here?

As crazy as it sounds, the Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl. In only four days, this team will have the opportunity to play for their second title and complete a shocking playoff run that was almost entirely unexpected.

An all-time Super Bowl team?

In selecting an all-time Super Bowl team, it is important to establish clear criteria. While there is nothing more subjective than all-time teams, the criteria certainly includes individual perform...

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