Bucks: Stop here

CR Rae

You might remember the childhood excitement of coming across a covered bridge during a Sunday country drive. Some of you may have never seen a covered bridge, or at least one you could actually drive across, as many are in disrepair and are not open to traffic.

Relive that Sunday country drive in Bucks County, Pa., on the Covered Bridge Tour. The Keystone state is known for having the most covered bridges of any state, and the first of its kind was built in Philadelphia.

Just outside of the city of brotherly love, the Bucks County Covered Bridge Tour takes travelers on a scenic drive to the 12 remaining bridges out of the original 54 the county once had. It is a peaceful, scenic ride that has the beauty of the country as you ride alongside stone fences, past historic homes and mills, through small towns with shops, restaurants and wineries and experience a little history as you wind around the Delaware River and Washington Crossing, where George Washington crossed on that famous Christmas night in 1776.

The bridges, some dating back to 1832, each have their own history.

The bridge tour is designed so that travelers can begin at any point and travel to all or some of the bridges. Take your time as you discover historic towns like New Hope, Newtown, Doylestown and Sellersville, home to the Washington House named so because George Washington is believed to have visited there during the Revolutionary War.

Kick back and relax a few days in the area. This can be a trip that is as relaxing as you would like to make it. There is no hurry, no freeways or a time schedule to keep. Spend a few days and get the sense for the history, walk where Washington walked, stay at inns with a history, enjoy fine dining in historic buildings, shop or just find the thing to do that makes you happy.

The historic inn Temperance House is in Newtown. The rooms offer views of the countryside, the brownstones that date back to colonial times, or the streets of the historic town once filled with horse-drawn carriages bringing travelers to what was the county seat in the 1700s to early 1800s. The Temperance House offers visitors those historic moments with all of the modern amenities.

New Hope has many places to stay and eat, and more shops than imaginable. A stop here could turn into more than a day, and time well spent in a quaint town.

When traveling to the Erwinna Bridge, stop off and visit the Sand Castle Winery, and don’t miss out on tasting the warm Alpine Spice. It is a treat.

Focus your trip on a “Sunday ride” theme, but extend it into the rest of the week and enjoy the bridges and the many things Bucks County has to offer.

Pack a picnic, hike one of the many parks -- make your trip your own.

Visit, where you will find a map and listing of all of the bridges, as well as the things to do near each bridge, what to see, what to eat and where to stay. Maps are also available at many of the inn’s restaurants, shops and other locations around the county.

It makes for a fun getaway any time of the year.