Today in the news: Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch dies

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News to know

Former New York CIty Mayor Ed Koch died of congestive heat failure this morning, CNN reports. He served as mayor for three terms and was known to greet constituents with "How'm I doin'?" After his tenure as mayor, Koch went on to host a radio show, write a news column, preside as judge over "The People's Court" and make guest appearnces on several shows, including "Sex and the City," "Spin City" and "Picket Fences." He also reviewed movies on his website The Mayor and the Movies.

Koch was one of only three New York City mayors to be re-elected twice, along with Fiorello LaGuardia and Robert Wagner. He received 75 percent of the vote in his second election and 78 percent in his third. 

His funeral will be held on Monday.

Quote of note

"The continued attacks suggest a real breakdown in central power, we're coming close to that. None of the political forces have control over the people in the streets." - Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow. Protesters in Egypt attacked the presidential palace in Cairo, with CNN reporting the entrance had been set on fire. Citizens are frustrated by the slow rate of change after the 2011 revolution. Experts are worried about the possible collapse of the Egyptian state, and the effect such a collapse could have on the surrounding area.

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