Seniors chosen as Mount Shasta High Carnival Queen and King

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Seniors Christina Rossa and Travis McCurry received the royal treatment Friday night in Mount Shasta High School's Robert E. Novo Gymnasium after they were named Carnival Queen and King for 2013.

Leading up to the announcement and crowning ceremony, athletic director Steve Nesheim introduced all the royalty candidates and read their answers to a questionnaire.

If she could have any superpower, Queen Christina said it would be "cyclone" and her celebrity mother, if she could have one, would be Mrs. Puff. If her house was made of candy, it would consist of strawberry chocolate, Milky Way, Midnights, and French macaroons.

King Travis said his superpower would be teleportation, his superpower name would be Blink, and he would rather be trapped in an elevator with a python than lick peanut butter off a person's foot. "... been in that situation before," he added about the python.

Carnival royalty included seniors Christina Holst, Chris Cazneaux, Katherine Holst, Warwick Runnels, Tess Abbott, and Clayton Poore; juniors Monica Grady, Daylon Blakely, Lizbeth Ortega, and Collin Cool; sophomores Krystal Rubio and Aron Lucas; and freshmen Jenna Ure and Joseph De Peralta. Cazneaux and Poore were out of town for a ski/snowboard race at Mt. Bachelor and did not attend.