Think you know your Super Bowls? Try this quiz

Bob Benz

I’ve always prided myself in being fairly well-versed in the history of the National Football League and particularly, the Super Bowl.

As a youngster, I recall gravitating to anything NFL-related -- whether in print or on television -- and then devouring that information like a starved hyena.

To this day, I can summon from memory in a matter of moments a number of basic facts (teams, final score, MVP) from each of the first 36 Super Bowls or so. Sadly, my short-term memory is not as strong and my mind becomes a bit more strained when trying to recount Super Bowls from the past decade. And while it takes some more time recalling more recent Super Bowls, my memory still almost always comes through.

So now that you’re a bit more familiar with my credentials, I can only hope that I’ve earned your trust as a well-qualified proctor for a homemade Super Bowl quiz.


1. Name the quarterback who owns the Super Bowl record for most career pass attempts and most career pass completions? (1-point question)

2. Which quarterback has thrown the most career interceptions in Super Bowl games? (1-point question)

3. The New York Giants (4-1), Green Bay Packers (4-1), Washington Redskins (3-2), Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (3-2) and Miami Dolphins (2-3) have each played in five Super Bowls. Match each team with the following cumulative scores in five Super Bowls. a. 74-103; b. 104-104; c. 132-114; d. 122-103; e. 158-101 (5-point question, one point per correct answer)

4. Name the team that has the most Super Bowl MVPs? How many players from that team were named Super Bowl MVP? Who were they? (3-point question, one point per correct answer)

5. The 49ers are 5-0 all time in Super Bowls and the Ravens are 1-0 in NFL championship games designated by Roman Numerals. Who were the two teams that last entered the Super Bowl with perfect winning records in the big game and in what Super Bowl did it occur? (2-point question, one point per correct answer)

6. Name the four teams that have never played in a Super Bowl? (4-point question, one point per correct team named)

7. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first Super Bowl in January 1967, which at the time was known as the AFL-NFL Championship. Had the first Super Bowl been played one year earlier in January 1966, what two teams would have met? (2-point question, one point per correct team named)

8. What past Super Bowl winner has endured the longest drought since its last Super Bowl win and when was this team’s last Super Bowl victory? (2-point question, one point for each correct answer)

9. In what Super Bowl was the longest field goal kicked, who kicked it and what was the distance? (3-point question, one point for each correct answer)

10. In how many Super Bowls has a defensive player(s) been named the game’s MVP? (2-point question, one point for answering each question correctly)

OK, put down your number two pencils and see how you did.

The answers are forthcoming, but I must provide a bit of a buffer zone in print so that you don’t inadvertently catch a correct answer out of the corner of your eye.

Congratulations to John Zick for dethroning this guy as The Leader’s defending picks champ. As an admitted sore loser, this is how I’m spinning it to better cope.


1. Tom Brady

2. John Elway

3. a. Dolphins 74-103; b. Giants 104-104; c. Raiders 132-114; d. Redskins 122-103; e. Packers 158-101.

4. Dallas Cowboys. 7 MVPs (5-3 Super Bowl record). Chuck Howley V (in losing effort); Roger Staubach VI; Harvey Martin & Randy White XII (co-MVPs); Troy Aikman XXVII; Emmitt Smith XXVIII; Larry Brown XXX. (Must correctly guess all seven players to be awarded third point)

5. It’s never happened before. This is the first time in Super Bowl history that both contestants enter the game with 1.000 winning percentages in the Super Bowl. (Give yourself two points if you figured out this flea-flicker of a trick question)

6. Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars.

7. Green Bay Packers (NFL) and Buffalo Bills (AFL)

8. New York Jets; Super Bowl III

9. Super Bowl XXVIII; Buffalo’s Steve Christie kicked a 54-yarder against Dallas.

10. 7; Dexter Jackson, FS, Tampa Bay XXXVII; Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore XXXV; Larry Brown, CB, Dallas XXX; Richard Dent, DE, Chicago XX; Randy White, DT and Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas XII; Jake Scott, S, Miami VII; Chuck Howley, LB, Dallas V. (Must correctly guess all eight MVPs to be awarded second point).


25 points: Move over Jerry Rice: You’re now the greatest of all-time.

22-24 points: First-ballot Hall of Famer.

18-21 points: You’ll be enshrined in Canton someday, but will have to wait a few years.

14-17 points: Had a solid career – made the Pro Bowl once, as an alternate.

11-13 points: Enjoyed short stint in NFL. You were a bigger deal in the CFL.

10 points or fewer: Career practice squad player, who dabbled a bit in the arena league.

Bob Benz, assistant sports editor for The Leader, can be reached by email at rbenz@the-leader or follow him on Twitter @TheLeaderBenz.