Updated web update: Dunsmuir water main patched

Richard DuPertuis
Pine Street in Dunsmuir is a river after a 10-inch water main burst around the corner and up Shasta Avenue, buckling the asphalt and sending a wave of water down the hill.

Wednesday update: A broken eight-inch water main that caused a wave of water to course down Shasta Avenue behind the Traveler's Hotel Tuesday evening in Dunsmuir was patched by midnight.

The pipe was an eight-inch main, not a 10-inch as originally reported.

Residents in central Dunsmuir were startled Tuesday evening when water burst through the asphalt just outside their homes, turning pavement in the area into a river.

Arie Little said it happened about 4:30 p.m. "It sounded like a traffic accident. I heard a boom and the whole house shook," she said. "I came running out of my house and water was everywhere. It looked like I was watching an earthquake unfold."

Water pressure buckled the street in at least four places along the east side, a stretch about 50 feet down the slope from Little's home.

At the lowest point of damaged street, water erupted with enough force to lift slabs of asphalt by inches.

City worker Tony Congi said a main had ruptured. A half hour after the burst, the water pressure had eased to where the sidewalks were no longer flooded. A river still flowed down the gutter to Pine Street and down the hill.