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NEWSTRAIN: APME offers diversity scholarships to NewsTrain

STORY IDEA: Is 2013 the Year of Women-Owned Businesses?


KIDZBUZZ: St. Patrick’s Day lore and traditions

REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK: Tab and broadsheet sections on finding the right house, agent and other resources

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ST. PATRICK’S DAY HALF PAGE: Trivia and tidbits on March 17

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SPRING HEALTHY LIVING: With tips on keeping kids safe during spring and summer sports, how to deal with relationships and emotions after a weight loss, and caring for boomers of the "sandwich generation."

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THE GUY’S PERSPECTIVE: Is he shy or not interested? - I met this guy at a party over the holidays. He asked for my number and email address before we said bye. Then he asked if I would call him. This question confused me, but I said yes. He never called me or anything. One month later I sent him a friendly text message. He never replied. I recently saw him at a party. I just said hi in a friendly way. He made plans to go the library with me — we’re in college — but again asked me to call him or send him a message to confirm. Very directly, I told him, “I’m not going to do it because you don’t reply.” He apologized and then said he would call to confirm. Of course he never called or replied. My instinct tells me to forget him. He seems not as interested as he appears to be when he sees me. I just need a confirmation please. Is he shy or not interested? By Saelen Ghose, GHNS.

GARY BROWN: Picking a deodorant can make for smelly decisions - A guy can learn a lot about himself from trying not to stink too much. By Gary Brown, Canton, Ohio.

ON COMPUTERS: Don’t struggle, accessorize your computer tablet - It didn’t take long. The computer-accessories industry smelled a hit in tablet systems and began rolling out ancillary gear ASAP. By JIm Hillibish, Canton, OH.

KITCHEN CALL: Reach for the spice rack for a winter warm-up - The forecast calls for more snow. Blizzard snow. Sleet. Light, fluffy snow. Swirling, snow globe snow. Weekend storms when it seems the city plows get bogged down. Weekday storms that cause hazardous commutes. The stuff piles up in increments of inches or feet. By Linda Bassett, Northshore, MA.

HOME HELP: Hiring spring cleaning help? Here’s what to expect - GateHouse News Service's weekly Home Help, with tips on how much spring cleaning should cost, Value Range Marketing and attracting birds to your garden in winter.

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Coming this week from GateHouse movie writer Ed Symkus:

- Review of "Emperor"

- Review of "Oz the Great and Powerful"

- Feature interview with Jim Carrey ("The Incredible Burt Wonderstone")

- Feature interview with Steve Buscemi ("The Incredible Burt Wonderstone")

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JEFF VRABEL: May the force be with Spock - Welp, late last week the president went on TV and mixed up a "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" things, and then the Internet died, keeled over, that very second, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Obviously we're still hashing out whether this was a negative or a positive. By Jeff Vrabel, GHNS.

JIM HILLIBISH: It’s the people, not the cars, that drive me crazy - Recently, I suffered the occasion to be riding in a car with my friend. By Jim Hillibish, Canton, OH.

MARK L HOPKINS: Failure can lead to great success - A willingness to fail appears to be a necessary predecessor to success, whether the field is sports, politics or business. By Mark L. Hopkins, GHNS.

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AUTO BITS: Get your car road-trip ready - Weekly auto rail, with car-care tips, Car Q&A with Junior Damato and more.

* Localization tip: You can do a Q&A with a local mechanic, or have a mechanic (or mechanics) provide you with a tip of the week.

SILVIO CALABI: Subaru Forester gets a jump on 2014 - You probably don’t remember when October was new-car month in America: Next year’s models were delivered in the dark of night and dealers covered up their showroom windows until the big reveal. Come in for coffee and doughnuts and see the new ‘63s! And we did. It was a big moment.  By Silvio Calabi, GHNS.

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JASON FARMER: Idaho lawsuit threatens baseball and other sports - The last time I checked, when you go to a baseball, any baseball game, there is a chance that a batter could foul a ball off into the stands. That is why so many fans bring their gloves to a game, for the opportunity to try and catch one of those foul balls. By Jason Farmer, Hannibal, Mo.

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