The Guy’s Perspective: Is he shy or not interested?

Saelen Ghose

I met this guy at a party over the holidays. He asked for my number and email address before we said bye. Then he asked if I would call him. This question confused me, but I said yes. He never called me or anything. One month later I sent him a friendly text message. He never replied. I recently saw him at a party. I just said hi in a friendly way. He made plans to go the library with me — we’re in college — but again asked me to call him or send him a message to confirm. Very directly, I told him, “I’m not going to do it because you don’t reply.” He apologized and then said he would call to confirm. Of course he never called or replied. My instinct tells me to forget him. He seems not as interested as he appears to be when he sees me. I just need a confirmation please. Is he shy or not interested?