Hot Online: Zombies popular because people are sad, prof says

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A professor at Clemson University says that zombie fads occur when people are unhappy, UPI reports. Sarah Lauro cited the emergence of zombie walks during the Iraq War and said, "Some do it to make visible their dissatisfaction with a government they feel isn’t listening to them or an economic system that makes them brain-dead consumers. Some do it as a kind of exercise of community, just to show how the collective can be organized and made to participate in an event without any ties to commercialism; many have no idea why they do it, but some play dead, one supposes, just to feel alive."

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Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera created a comedy channel on YouTube, Yahoo News reported. The channel is called Jash, which means “Just Attitude So Hey,” and is what “we think is funny,” Silverman said.

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