Voters will select fifth Dunsmuir city councilor

Skye Kinkade
Dunsmuir city councilors Ed Steele, Dave Keisler, Chris Raine and Nick Mitchell (sitting a the far table) and six candidates to fill the fifth position, including Mark Juarez, Richard Kelby, Leslie Wilde, Patricia Hill, David Edmondson and Linda Ghesa listen to City Manager Brenda Bains speak about the cost of a November election during a special meeting on the morning of March 14.  Photo by Skye Kinkade

Dunsmuir City Council opted Thursday morning not to appoint a fifth member and instead let voters make a selection in November.

Councilor Nick Mitchell made the motion, and Dave Keisler quickly seconded it. The motion passed unanimously and a formal resolution calling for the election will be on the council’s March 21 agenda.

Six candidates, including Leslie Wilde, David Edmondson, Patricia Hill, Richard Kelby, Linda Ghesa and Mark Juarez were prepared for interviews before the motion was made. A possible appointment was on the agenda for the March 14 10 a.m. special meeting.

Former councilor Arlis Steele had also written a letter of interest for the position but withdrew his bid due to illness, said City Manager Brenda Bains.

An election in November will cost the city an estimated $2,000 or less, said Bains. Until then, the council will continue to function with four members.

Mitchell suggested the election as a possibility because it is “a very important seat.”

Councilor Ed Steele agreed.

“With the past history, (an election) might be a very good thing,” Steele said.

Keisler called Mitchell’s motion “commendable.”

“It should be up to the town, anyway, in my opinion,” Keisler said.

The seat was made vacant by Diane Dolf, who resigned her position after moving outside of Dunsmuir city limits in January.

The council will meet next on Thursday, March 21 at 6 p.m. in council chambers.