Today in the news: Amanda Knox faces retrial for murder

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American Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaelo Sollecito will be tried again for the murder of Knox's roommate, Meredith Kercher, Reuters reports. Kercher was found stabbed to death in the apartment the two women shared while studying abroad in Italy. An Italian court accepted a request for a retrial from the prosecution, and voided Knox and Sollecito's acquittals. Knox and Sollecito were originally convicted of Kercher's murder but were acquitted four years into their sentences on appeal after forensic experts questioned evidence in their original trial. Knox will not be required to return to Italy for the trial, but could be extradited if she is found guilty again. Rudy Guede was convicted separately of Kercher's murder and is still in jail.

Quote of note

"We are confident where the American people are going with this. We don't know for sure what the United States Supreme Court is going to do, but we're very, very grateful they listened, they heard, they asked hard questions, and there's no denying where the right is." - Theodore Olson, attorney representing the couples seeking to overturn Prop 8, which banned gay marriage in California. The Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides of the case today, according to CNN.

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