Suspected juvenile grafitti artist cited

Skye Kinkade
The west and north sides of the Youth Sports Park snack shack in Mount Shasta was tagged about two weeks ago, said Mike Rodriguez, administrator of the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District. Last week, Mount Shasta Police Department cited a 13 year old boy who is suspected of being the responsible party.  Photo contributed by the MSPD

A 13 year old Mount Shasta boy who admitted to being the person responsible for tagging the Youth Sports Park, Sports and Spirits, and several other locations was cited and released to the custody of his parents last week.

The boy is suspected of tagging businesses with a depiction of a long-fused bomb and bubbly-type letters spelling words including “bomb,” said Mount Shasta Police Department chief Parish Cross.

“We received surveillance video and photos on Tuesday, March 19 that showed the vandalism suspect,” Cross said. “After investigation and an interview, we received a full confession from the juvenile suspect.”

Businesses or homeowners who may not previously have reported similar tagging are encouraged to do so by calling the MSPD at 926-7539.