Today in the news: Margaret Thatcher remembered as 'great Briton'

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at 87, according to The Associated Press. Flags at Buckingham Palace were lowered to half mast, and a spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth II said the monarch would be sending a private message of sympathy to Thatcher's family. Thatcher was known as "The Iron Lady," and worked to modernize Britain's industrial system during her time in office. David Cameron, current British Prime Minister, called her "a great Briton" earlier today.

Quote of note

"The folks who want to kill people, and that's all they want to do, are scared of knowledge. And they want to shut the doors and they don't want people to make their choices about the future. For them, it's 'You do things my way and if you don't, we'll throw acid in your face. We'll put a bullet in your face,' to a young girl trying to learn. So this is a huge challenge for us. It is a confrontation with modernity, with possibilities, and everything that our country stands for, everything we stand for, is embodied in what Anne Smedinghoff stood for." - Secreatary of State John Kerry, addressing U.S. diplomats stationed in Istanbul. Anne Smedinghoff, 25, was killed along with four others while delivering books to Afghan schoolchildren when a suicide bomber crashed into her convoy, CNN reports. She is the first American diplomat killed on the job since last year's Benghazi attacks.

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