Today in the news: Firefighter hostages released, suspect killed

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Quote of note

"They are simply relieved that the situation is over. The firefighters are glad to be getting treated ... and really work on getting their lives back to normal." - Gwinnett County (Ga.) Fire Department spokesman Thomas Rutledge. Several firefighters from the department were taken hostage yesterday while responding to a call in suburban Atlanta, according to CNN. The hostage-taker was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police later that night. The four firefighters were treated for superficial injuries and allowed to return to their homes.

News to know

The Senate voted 68-31 to open debate on President Barack Obama's proposal for stricter background checks on gun buyers, increased restrictions on gun trafficking and more funding for school security, Reuters reports. The legislation was prompted by the Newtown, Conn., school massacre, and some family members of Newtown victims came to Washington, D.C., to press senators on gun control. The legislation will be subject to weeks-long debate. While some elements are unlikely to pass, recent public opinion polls show that 90 percent of Americans support expanded background checks.

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