Today in the news: 50 more rescued from collapsed building

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Rescuers digging through the rubble of a collapsed Bangladeshi building found 50 more survivors this morning, CNN reports. The eight-story building collapsed Wednesday, and Bangladeshi authorities have stated that they will switch their focus from rescue to recovery when it has reached 72 hours after the collapse. Family members of those still missing protested they do not believe this is a large enough window of time, and were dispersed by police with tear gas. Saturday morning workers will begin using heavy equipment to retrieve bodies and haul away rubble. The death toll for the building collapse is currently at 304, and 2,438 people involved have been rescued.

Quote of note

"There's no question that when the United States takes a position that this crosses a line that our failure to respond has implications. I think the president was saying the use of chemical weapons is a game changer. I think most people agree with that. So that if we in fact determine that chemical weapons were used, I think the expectation is that we and the coalition and others take some action." - Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the White House's reaction to reports the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against rebel forces. 

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