Wilde appointed to Dunsmuir City Council

Skye Kinkade
Leslie Wilde was selected as the third Dunsmuir City Councilor during a special meeting Thursday evening, May 2.  Photo by Skye Kinkade

Leslie Wilde was appointed to join Ed Steele and Dave Keisler on the Dunsmuir City Council Thursday evening, May 2.

Steele and Keisler selected Wilde from a slate of five hopefuls after one round of voting. She was the only candidate that received two votes after an hour long interview process, during which Timothy Padula, Pamela Padula, Patricia Hill, Richard Kelby and Wilde answered a variety of pre-formulated questions, as well as questions from the audience.

Steele and Keisler both had three votes to cast. Each of the other candidates received one vote each. Mark Juarez, who had initially indicated interest in the position, withdrew his bid before Thursday’s meeting.

When it was announced that Wilde won the vote, many in the audience broke out in applause and shouts of excitement. Wilde, who has run for the seat and submitted letters of interest for appointment to the council several times in the past, pumped her fist in excitement.

Wilde was immediately sworn in to create a three person quorum, which will allow city business to commence. She will serve on the council until November 2016 to finish out Nick Mitchell’s term. He resigned his seat on April 22.

Steele was then selected as Dunsmuir’s mayor and Keisler was selected as vice-mayor.

Present at the special meeting was Dunsmuir city attorney John Kenny, who explained Steele and Keisler have the authority to appoint one person to the council in order to create a quorum based on case law that dates back to 1936.

Until a special election is held to select two more councilors in November, Steele, Keisler and Wilde will not be permitted to communicate with each other so as not to violate the Brown Act.

A special meeting will be scheduled next week so the council can begin working on city business that has been suspended since last month.