28 new RNs pinned at College of the Siskiyous ceremony

Skye Kinkade
Mount Shasta's Ainsley Leversen is pinned by her father, Paul, during a pinning ceremony for 28 new RNs receiving their Associate Degree in Nursing Friday evening at College of the Siskiyous.  Photo by Skye Kinkade

After observing the hard work and dedication of nurses when two of his loved ones had recent stays in the hospital, College of the Siskiyous president Randy Lawrence commended freshly pinned RNs for their career choice Friday evening.

Twenty-eight women and men received their Associate Degree in nursing during a well-attended pinning ceremony, held at the COS Kenneth Ford Theater.

Providing inspirational words of encouragement were MSN and RN Cora Brownell and guest speaker Cyndi Gordon, Chief Nursing Officer at Shasta Regional Medical Center.

Gordon told the graduating nurses about how she got where she is today, crediting her life long thirst for learning. She told personal stories, including an emotional one about the importance of being there for patients even when that means simply holding someone's hand as their life comes to an end.

Student speaker Karen Wiley talked about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the importance of friends and family who have helped each of the graduates realize self-actualization. She also stressed the importance of nurses in helping injured patients regain physiological and safety needs so they can climb higher on the pyramid.

Student speaker Chace Cardiff spoke about the day he realized he wanted to be a nurse. He went from a young man who craved the excitement of the flashing lights and sirens of emergencies to a man who is proud to join the ranks of Registered Nurses.

Cardiff also spoke about the many obstacles and adversities each of the graduates had to overcome, including full time jobs, babies born, commute issues, family challenges and countless others.

Each new nurse was pinned by a loved one or inspirational instructor, recited the International Pledge for Nurses and participated in a candle lighting ceremony.

Mount Shasta's Ainsley Leversen was pinned by her father, Paul, and Elizabeth Darrah was joined on stage by her four children. Others hugged their mothers, sisters, significant others and teachers who supported them during their years in pursuit of that particular moment in time.

Those who received their Associate Degree in Nursing are: Erica Alvarez, Meredith Bishop, Chace Cardiff, Jill Cole, Lisa Dancel, Elizabeth Darrah, Shelly Davis, Sara Fritz, Kara Gardner, Leigh Anne Harris, Chelsey Hill, Maria Johnston, Teresa Justice, Shellie Kerr, Bethany Langford, Brian Lee, Ainsley Leversen, Chad McCall, Brittney Medina, Jessica Olsen, Trudy Presutti, Christine Rice, Shannon Sample, Cathey Sheiber, KiAnne Smith, Christina Thompson, Karen Wiley and Sarah Wilkerson.