Hot LZ Memorial Wall keeps memories alive

Skye Kinkade
Weston Sutherland of Oak Park lifts his 15 month old son, Emmett, to touch the name of his grandfather, which is engraved on the Hot LZ Wall at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden off of Highway 97.  Photo by Skye Kinkade

Army Major Jimmy Chen stood at a podium before the Hot LZ Memorial Wall Sunday afternoon and said people die twice: the first time when your physical body dies, and again when the living no longer remember you.

As the keynote speaker for the Memorial Day ceremony at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden on Highway 97, Chen urged the approximately 200 people in attendance to reflect on those who sacrificed so much and to keep their memories alive.

On an afternoon that was alternately warm and sunny, cloudy and blustery, 43 new names were added to the wall during the ceremony hosted annually by the Weed/Lake Shastina Kiwanis.

Bagpiper Dave Alexander opened the event with a rendition of "Dawn of the Day" and an invocation was given by Robert Menzies. Marine Corps League Siskiyou Detachment 936 presented the colors and performed a gun salute. John Kessler performed Taps on trumpet. The benediction was courtesy of Pastor Ben Whetstine of the Mt. Shasta Assembly of God Church. Master of Ceremonies was Dean Whetstine, Commander US Navy, Retired.

Suzanne Breceda, Dr. John Runnels and Nancy Wallace read aloud the names of those people whose names were added to the wall since Veterans Day.

Whetstine announced a new name was added to the Gene Breceda Sponsor Wall. Todd Cory helped the LMSG install solar panels for electricity and heat, he said.

Weston and Jana Sutherland, along with their children, Emmett and Ella, have been traveling from their home in Oak Park to Siskiyou County every Memorial Day for the past 10 years to attend the ceremony at the Sculpture Garden. The names of several members of their family are engraved on the Hot LZ Wall.

After Sunday's ceremony, Weston lifted 15 month-old Emmett high so he could touch the names of his grandfathers, Mickey Sutherland and Robert Farley.

Veterans added

The following is a list of the names added to the Hot LZ Memorial Wall:


SN1C Benjamin L. Boyd, USN WWII

SMSGT Charles R. Evans, Jr., USAF VN

PFC Peter A. Hill, USA VN, Killed in Action

SSGT Lony Joe Patton, USAF

EM3C James A Smith, USN WWII

RM2C Ralph Barbero, USN, WWII

TECH 5 Jerome J. Franklin, Sr., USA WWII

SSGT Dallas L. Dennis, USA WWII

CPL Robert E. Cottini, USMC, Korea

LTCOL Walter E. Matula, USAF Korea, VN

CSM Douglas Eugene Arnold, USA VN, KL

SGT Charles E. Kovalin, USA, VN

LTJG Richard Zitzmann, USN WWII

CPL Paul J. Turnbull, USMC VN

EN2 Irvin Hein, USN Korea

CPL David I Clough, USA CMC

SGT Ralph Ramirez, USA

CAPT Richard L. Ruggles, USA WWII

SP5 Richard E Shelton, USA VN

MSGT Walter T. Hudson, USA Korea, VN

CAPT Ralph W. Brower, USAF VN, Killed in Action

CAPT James R. Shively, USAF VN, Prisoner of War

PVT Albert E Brun, USA Korea

SSGT John A Soletti, Sr., USA WWII

SGT William C. "Pops" Hetherington, USAAC WWII

A1C Charles R. Tucker, USAF VN

CAPT Julian Alex Wheless, USA WWII

FTM2 Lonnie E. Johnson, USN VN

MSGT George C. Whitmer, Jr., USA Korea, VN

CPL Frank F. Leonetti, USA WWII

CPL Woodrow McDonald, USA WWII

SGT Daily McDonald, USA WWII

SGT Harold E. Mann, USMC WWI

GM3 Jay Philip McCracken, USN WWII

LTGEN Harvey H. Fischer, USA WWII, Korea, VN

SC2 Marvin A Wangler, USN WWII

MM1 Fredrick C. Kenney, USN VN

CM2 Andrew B. Van Hooser, USN WWII

FM Preston White Gray BRMM, USCG, USMM WWII, Korea

CPL Robert E. Cook, USAAC WWII

SGT Lewis J. Cook, USAVC WWI

SGT George Ojala, USAF VN