Fireworks booth opens Friday in Mount Shasta

Skye Kinkade
The Mount Shasta High School Boosters will open their TNT fireworks booth Friday, June 28. Photo from semuthutan, Flickr

Want to pick up a Piccolo Pete, a Purple Rain Fountain, a few Lightning Flashes or a Color Snake to help you celebrate America’s birthday? You don’t have long to wait.

The Mount Shasta High School Boosters Club will kick off one of their most profitable fundraisers each year on Friday – the TNT fireworks booth.

The “Safe and Sane” fireworks go on sale tomorrow, and the booth, located in the Rite Aid parking lot, will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. through the Fourth of July.

Money raised through fireworks sales go to Mount Shasta High School athletics teams, including football, girls and boys basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, tennis, cheerleading, golf, wrestling, track and cross country, said Shantel Blank of the Boosters.

Each of the teams drew a day and time slot to work the booth. Team parents and coaches volunteer their time to man the booth.

This year, the booth will feature all of your favorite traditional fireworks, as well as larger packages which are perfect for block parties or personal firework shows.