Today in the News: Search for Hannah Anderson underway

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Mount Shasta Herald

News to know

Police discovered Thursday that a suspected child abductor in San Diego may have homemade explosives attached to him, according to an Associated Press report. The search for Hannah Anderson continues, and so far has spanned four states. James Lee DiMaggio is wanted in the death of the girl’s mother and possibly her younger brother.

Quote of note

"I don't know how old I am, or who I am, or what nationality, all those things you just take for granted. The FBI decided that because my ears matched the Fronczak baby that I was probably the Fronczak baby." — Paul Joseph Fronczak, on an FBI closed case that recently reopened after he took a home DNA test, disputing his identity. Fronczak grew up believing he was kidnapped from the hospital as a day-old baby and was returned at age 2 to his parents in Chicago, months after being found abandoned in a stroller in New Jersey.

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A dead shark was spotted on a train headed to Queens this week. It was still wet and had blood in its mouth. The sighting coincides with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

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