Today in the News: ‘Bachelor’ contestant Gia Allemand dies

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News to know

Former "Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemand died today after a suicide attempt on Monday, CNN reported. Allemand, 29, was on Season 14 of the reality show and on two seasons of the spinoff, “Bachelor Pad.” Allemand was taken off life support today and died with family and friends at her side, CNN said.

Quote of note

"I understood what I was doing was wrong but I didn't appreciate the broader effects of my actions. I only wanted to help people, not hurt people." - Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, talking today during his sentencing hearing. Manning was convicted of 20 charges relating to the leak of classified documents to WikiLeaks. He was cleared of the most serious charge, however.

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A federal judge sentenced former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. to 30 months in prison for misuse of campaign funds. His wife, Sandi, got 12 months.

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