Today in the News: Boy beats brain-eating parasite

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News to know

A 12-year-old Florida boy who contracted a brain-eating parasite after kneeboarding in a ditch has beaten the parasite thanks to an experimental drug, his father reported. The boy, however, is still unconscious and remains in critical condition. The boy is the second person treated with the drug - a 12-year-old from Arkansas is recovering after beating the same parasite.

Quote of note

"Hey, if we're counting professional hits, then add on my 427 career hits in the minors. I was a professional then, too. If you look at the records, Henry Aaron has 4,000 professional hits. So did Stan Musial.'' - Pete Rose, talking about Ichiro Suzuki, who some say may break Rose’s hits record. Ichiro has 2,722 Major League hits and 1,278 in Japan’s version of MLB, but Rose says Ichiro’s hits in Japan shouldn’t count toward his total. Rose says Ichiro is a great ballplayer, however, and belongs in the Hall of Fame when his career is over.   

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