Dunsmuir councilor drafts censure resolution

Skye Kinkade

Dusmuir city councilor Leslie Wilde has drafted a resolution to publicly reprimand Mayor Ed Steele. The censure resolution will be discussed at Dunsmuir's upcoming council meeting on Thursday, Sept. 5.

In the resolution, Wilde cites four instances she believes "warrant consideration and inspection as to (Steele's) performance and behavior in the capacity as mayor."

She cites Steele's attempt to appoint her to the finance committee and not allowing public comment on the topic; his attempt to plan a Public Strategic Planning Workshop facilitated by Diane Strachan; his correspondence with the Tesla corporation extending an invitation to create a charging station in Dunsmuir without input from other councilors; and an instance when he raised his voice and pointed at her during a council meeting last month as reasons for the censure.

Censure is the public reprimanding of a public official for inappropriate conduct or voting behavior.

Wilde, Steele and councilor Dave Keisler will consider the resolution as one of the only items on the Sept. 5 agenda, said city manager Brenda Bains. The official agenda will be posted publicly on Sunday, Sept. 1.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at city council chambers, 5902 Dunsmuir Ave.