Snow fun

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Children’s Health

Get outside as a family. Build a snowman or a snow fort. Or how about sledding? It’s a workout when you have to hike up a hill in the snow, help your kiddos get on the sled or up from the snow and lug that sled up the hill over and over again.

— Life Fitness

Senior Health

According to the Coalition for Medicare Choices, Medicare Advantage is a health benefits program available to individuals who are 65 or older or those with permanent disabilities. The coverage is provided through private health plans rather than the government and is required to meet or exceed the standards set by the original Medicare program. In addition to hospital and physician coverage, Medicare Advantage plans often include other benefits such as prescription drug, vision, hearing, dental, fitness, mental health and management of chronic illness.

— Brandpoint

New Research

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning to doctors about prescribing medications with more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen. Although acetaminophen is harmless in small doses, it can cause liver damage if taken incorrectly.