Morning Minutes, April 16

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Mount Shasta Herald

Word of the Day

williwaw \ WIL-ee-waw \ noun; a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes, as in the Strait of Magellan, Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands. —

Website of the Day

Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International is the world’s leading polar bear conservation group — dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their sea ice habitat.

Number to Know

0: In 2012 when the Pulitzer Prize winners were announced, it was the first time since 1977 that no book won the Fiction Prize.

This Day in History

April 16, 1917: Vladimir Lenin returns to Petrograd, Russia from exile in Switzerland.

Daily Quote

Today’s Featured Birthday

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player and coach, 67

Daily Quote

“You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.” — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar