Long council meeting scheduled in Dunsmuir

Skye Kinkade

Dunsmuir’s Thursday evening meeting promises to be a long one if all items listed on the agenda are addressed.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at the Dunsmuir Community Building, 4835 Dunsmuir Avenue near the locomotive, due to the large crowd that is expected to attend.

Council will discuss two referendum petitions put forward by Dunsmuir citizens: one in protest of the council’s decision to repeal the city’s marijuana cultivation ordinance, and another in protest of a resolution to appoint David Hicks as city attorney.

There is some difference of opinion in whether or not a referendum petition is valid to address the resolution to appoint Hicks.

Other items on the extensive agenda include:

• Letters of Interest for the Historic Management Commission and possible appointments;

• Discussion and staff direction regarding Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District’s closure of the city ball field to dogs;

• Discussion regarding the solid waste surplus fund;

• Discussion and possible action regarding the cancellation of April 2014 water rate increases, to be replaced with fixed metered rates and an increase to summer water allotments for residential customers;

• A resolution allowing FireWhat’s use of Mott Airport and to declare support for the FAA Certification of Authority;

• Possible adoption of Mount Shasta’s protocol manual;

• Increasing funding for Dogwood Daze;

• Discussion and possible action regarding environmental services from North State Resources for the Butterfly Bridge project;

• A request to waive a utility deposit of $175 for A Church of His Presence to be located in the old Methodist Church;

• A resolution for environmental services from North State Resources for the Butterfly Ridge Project;

• Request to waive a utility deposit of $175 by the A Church of His Presence to be located at the old Methodist Church at 4303 Oak Street

• A resolution requiring city council members to edit staff reports on those items they have placed on the agenda;

• Discussion and possible action regarding the Big Fish Program and possible Trout Derby;

• Hiring of a psychologist to counsel the city council on decorum;

• Discussion and possible action regarding a citizen-organized solid waste franchise scheme;

• Presentation of a proposed dog park, disc golf walking trail, and bike park;

• Setting the date for a council goal setting and budget priority meeting; and

• Discussion regarding city support of the Community Garden on Cedar Street.