Morning Minutes, Aug. 9

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August 9

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Word of the Day

agon \ AH-gahn; ah-GOHN \ noun; A struggle or contest; conflict; especially between the protagonist and antagonist in a literary work. —

This Day in History

Aug. 9, 1944: Smokey Bear appears on a United States Forest Service poster for the first time.

Number to Know

22 million: The average number of acres lost annually to wildfire in 1944, the first year of the Smokey Bear campaign. Today the average is 6.7 million.

Website of the Day: Smokey Bear

Official site of the Forest Service’s wildfire-fighting mascot.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Kurtis Blow (born Kurt Walker), American rapper, music producer and hip-hop pioneer, 55.

Daily Quote

“That’s the job of the entertainer: to entertain. Not to motivate or inspire people to get violent.” — Kurtis Blow