Morning Minutes, Aug. 27

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August 27

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Word of the Day

bacchanalia \ bak-uh-NAIL-yuh \ noun; A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity; a revel. —

This Day in History

Aug. 27, 1883: The volcanic island of Krakatoa near Indonesia undergoes the largest of its eruptions, with powerful blasts lasting some four and a half hours, killing thousands. The largest of the blasts created what are believed to be the loudest sound ever heard on earth.

Number to Know

3,000: The number of miles away from Krakatoa where the sounds of the eruption could be heard.

Website of the Day: Krakatoa Volcano - The Son Also Rises

NPR special report on the famous volcanic eruption.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Aaron Paul, American actor, 35.

Daily Quote

“I saw a lot of people have success handed to them that then exploited it. They didn’t protect it or cherish it.” — Aaron Paul