Morning Minutes, Sept. 10

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September 10

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Word of the Day

potentate \ POH-tuhn-tayt \ noun; One who possesses great power or sway; a ruler, sovereign, or monarch. —

This Day in History

Sept. 10, 1977: Hamida Djandoubi, a 28-year-old convicted of the torture and murder of an ex-girlfriend, becomes the last person to be executed by guillotine in France.

Number to Know

40: The number of guillotine executions performed by Marcel Chevalier, the last Chief Executioner of France.

Website of the Day: History Wiz - The Reign of Terror

An overview of that period of the French Revolution when the guillotine was in heavy use.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Big Daddy Kane (born Antonio Hardy), American rapper, producer and actor, 46.

Daily Quote

“Because the source is knowledge / Wanna go to college? / Or wanna be garbage?” — Big Daddy Kane