Morning Minutes, Sept. 17

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September 17

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Word of the Day

wiseacre \ WY-zay-kuhr \ noun; One who pretends to knowledge or cleverness; a would-be wise person; a smart aleck. —

This Day in History

Sept. 17, 1859: Joshua Abraham Norton, a resident of San Francisco, declares himself to be Norton I, Emperor of the United States. Norton’s public eccentricities made him a popular and celebrated citizen of the city.

Number to Know

225: The episode of the popular Western television series “Bonanza” that prominently involved Emperor Norton I.

Website of the Day: The Royal Family

A celebration of noted San Francisco eccentrics, including Emperor Norton I.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Rita Rudner, American comic, actress and writer, 61.

Daily Quote

“Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage — they’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.” — Rita Rudner