Morning Minutes, Sept. 23

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September 23

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Word of the Day

amicable \ AM-ih-kuh-buhl \ adjective; Characterized by friendliness and good will. —

This Day in History

Sept. 23, 1779: John Paul Jones, fighting aboard the ship the Bonhomme Richard, defeats British ships in the Battle of Flamborough Head. The battle is famous for Jones’ supposed retort when, early in the battle, it was demanded that he surrender: “I have not yet begun to fight!”

Number to Know

42: The number of guns aboard the Bonhomme Richard.

Website of the Day: Search for the Bonhomme Richard

Author Clive Cussler recounts his attempts at finding John Paul Jones’ famous Revolutionary War ship.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Jason Alexander (born Jay Scott Greenspan), American actor, singer, director, producer and writer, 55.

Daily Quote

“The greatest part of the [doing the television show ‘Seinfeld’] was ... that was for nine years it was a pleasure to go to work.” — Jason Alexander