Ott wants to move forward with water bottling, hydroelectric

Shareen Strauss

Growth in McCloud and moving forward with the water bottling plant and hydroelectric project are goals Chuck Ott hopes to achieve while he serves as McCloud Community Services District board president in 2016.

Ott said 2015 “was a good year for McCloud. We moved the water bottling contract along, though it has been a slow and frustrating process.”

He said the CSD board “lost LeRoy Scarbrough and Al Schoenstein, who were good, but they were replaced by two other good guys, Terry Hitchcock and Raymond Zanni.”

After the installment of laterals that will connect new water lines to each house in McCloud was put on hold last year due to financing, Ott said, “I want to continue with the lateral project. We don't want to raise rates, so the financial committee will be looking into reorganizing and managing the budget so we can get this going forward.”

He said he likes the new CSD staff, including interim general manager Kimberly Paul and public works superintendent Amos McAbier. “There is good potential there,” said Ott. “I think that they will make a great team.”

The pastor of Calvary Community Center in McCloud for 34 years, Ott was elected to the CSD board in November 2012. He was unanimously approved to serve as CSD board president during the Dec. 18 regular meeting.

He said helping the McCloud Partners, LLC, owners of the McCloud mill site since June 2014, as one way to help the town grow.

“We are not getting as much of the tourism as we used to,” Ott said. “We don’t have as many kids in our elementary and high schools. We need more jobs to bring more families to McCloud. We need to help bring in more businesses into town. We now have the McCloud Partners. We need to help them work towards bringing in tenants so they will want to be annexed into McCloud’s services.”

Ott’s background includes teaching and working in administration for Christian schools in Redding and Burney after coming out of the Air Force during the Vietnam era.

He is currently on the McCloud Elementary School board, has served on the McCloud Community Resource Center board for eight years, and has volunteered as a Salvation Army representative for McCloud for about 10 years.

He and his wife Beverly have been married for 45 years. They have a daughter and four grandchildren in Redding.

Beverly says of her husband, “His temperament will be very good for the position as president. His feathers are not ruffled easily, and he is slow and methodical, thinking before he responds.”

For the future of McCloud, Ott says, “We love this town. I think good things are going to happen in 2016.”