NOTICE INVITING BIDS: Evergreen School Boiler Replacement Project

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the YREKA UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT herein referred to as “District,” at the District Offices of Yreka Union School District, 309 JACKSON STREET, YREKA, SISKIYOU COUNTY, CA 96097, until 1:00 P.M. on THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 2018, for furnishing all labor, material, tax, transportation, equipment, and services necessary for EVERGREEN SCHOOL – BOILER REPLACEMENT PROJECT (“Project”) and will thereafter be publicly opened and read aloud. All work shall be in accordance with the specifications and working details and other contract documents all of which may be examined and copies obtained from the following exchanges and copies may be purchased through them.

Each bid shall be completed on the Bid Proposal Form included in the Contract Documents, and must conform and be fully responsive to this invitation, the plans and specifications and all other Contract Documents. Copies of the Contract Documents are available for examination at the following exchanges and copies may be purchased through them:

• Humboldt Builders Exchange: 707-442-3708

• Medford Builders Exchange: 541-773-5327

• Federation of California BX: 530-343-1994

• Shasta Builders Exchange: 530-221-5556

The Contract Documents were prepared by SISKIYOU DESIGN GROUP INC. (GUY FRYER ARCHITECT), 303 BRUCE STREET, County of SISKIYOU, California 96097 (530-842-1683).

Minority, women, and disabled veteran contractors are encouraged to submit bids. This bid IS NOT subject to Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise requirements.

The Contract IS subject to a Labor Compliance Program as described in the Labor / Code and Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, Subchapter 4 and 4.5.

This Contract IS subject to a Compliance Monitoring Unit program as described in the Labor Code and Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, Subchapter 4 and 4.5.

Bidders must attend a MANDATORY PRE-BID SITE MEETING/inspection scheduled for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2018, at 1:00 P.M. It will be held at the project site (416 EVERGREEN LANE, YREKA CA 96097). Failure to attend may result in disqualification.

Bids must be from an appropriately licensed contractor, must be sealed and accompanied by a cashier’s or certified check, or bid bond executed by a surety licensed to do business in the State of California as a surety, made payable to the District in the sum of not less than ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid. By submitting a bid on the above-referenced project, bidder acknowledges and agrees that in the event bidder is the “successful bidder” but is unable to or refuses to execute a contract for the work, that actual damages to District will be impractical or extremely difficult to fix and therefore, bidder agrees that the sum of not less than ten (10%) percent of the amount of the bid is a reasonable estimate of damages and should the successful bidder fail to or refuse to enter into a written contract within ten (10) days after being requested to do so, said bid bond shall be forfeited to District as the stipulated amount of liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Interested bidders must be appropriately licensed.

The successful bidder shall comply with the provisions of the Labor Code pertaining to payment of the generally prevailing rate of wages and apprenticeships or other training programs. The Department of Industrial Relations has made available the general prevailing rate of per diem wages in the locality in which the work is to be performed for each craft, classification or type of worker needed to execute the contract, including employer payments for health and welfare, pension, vacation, apprenticeship and similar purposes. Copies of these prevailing rates are available to any interested party upon request and are online at The Contractor and all Subcontractors shall pay not less than the specified rates to all workers employed by them in the execution of the Contract. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to determine any rate change.

At the request and expense of the successful bidder, securities equivalent to the amount withheld from progress payments (i.e., retention) may be deposited with the District, or with a state or federally chartered bank as the escrow agent (the successful bidder shall bear all costs of escrow) and the District shall pay monies which would otherwise be retained to the successful bidder. The form of escrow agreement and securities eligible for investment pursuant to this option shall be governed by Public Contracts Code §22300 and Government Code §16430.

Bidders shall be required to complete, and file with District, a Statement of Experience, which if required by District, shall be submitted on the form provided by District and may include information regarding the bidder's previous experience on similar projects, experience on public works projects, history of performance and references. If a Statement of Responsibility is required by District, failure to complete any item identified on the Statement of Responsibility shall render the bidder's subsequent bid non-responsive and may result in the rejection of bidder’s bid.

Bids shall be made upon the form provided by the Architect and shall be properly completed with all items filled out; numbers shall be in writing and figures; the signatures of all persons signing shall be in longhand. No bidder may withdraw his/her bid, including Bids for Additive/Deductive Alternates, for a period of sixty (60) days after the time set for the opening of bids, and the Board will act to accept or reject bids within that period of time.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code §4104, each bid shall include the name and location of the place of business of each subcontractor who shall perform work or service or fabricate or install work for the contactor in excess of one-half of one percent (1/2 of 1%) of the bid price. The bid shall describe the type of the work to be performed by each listed subcontractor.

The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and further reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in the bids.

By order of the Yreka Union School District Board of Trustees, dated: _____________.

Publication dates: 1) 02/14/18; 2) 02/21/18

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