NOTICE OF Availability of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Love's Travel Stop Project

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NOTICE OF Availability of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Love’s Travel Stop Project

(State Clearinghouse # 2017092076)

Date: June 15, 2018

From: City of Weed, Planning Department

The City of Weed has completed a draft environmental impact report (DEIR) analyzing the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Love’s Travel Stop Project, which consists of construction and operation of a Love’s Travel Stop on a 17.61-acre site located along Interstate 5 (I-5) at the Vista Drive offramp in Weed. The Draft EIR has been prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq.) and the State CEQA Guidelines (California Code of Regulations Title 14, Section 1500 et seq.).

Project Location

The project site is located southwest of the interchange between I-5 and Vista Drive. The site is 17.61 acres in size and is bounded to the north by Vista Drive, to the west by Mountain View Drive and an unpaved private access road that connects to the City-owned water tower, to the south by undeveloped land, and to the east by I-5. The site includes the following Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 060-641-180, 060-552-400, 060-552-410, 060-552-430, and 060-552-420. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

The general vicinity of the project site on the west side of I-5 is rural and primarily undeveloped, with the exception of paved roadways and sparse residential development west on Mountain View Drive and south of the City limits. The project site and land adjacent to the west are all designated for commercial development. Further west of the commercial area, there is a large open space area between the commercial land and the residential land. Development east of I-5 includes fast food restaurants, Grocery Outlet, hotels, and gas stations. The project site’s general plan land use designation is General Commercial, and all project parcels are zoned for commercial use. The site was previously approved for an ARCO station, but it was not developed.

Project Description

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is proposing to construct and operate a full-service travel stop in the southern portion of the City of Weed. The project consists of:

• a 16-position passenger vehicle fueling station;

• an 8-position truck fueling station;

• a convenience store;

• two fast-food restaurants;

• a vehicle maintenance building;

• a truck scale;

• underground auto fuel storage tanks;

• above-ground diesel storage tanks;

• truck and auto parking;

• onsite lighting, consisting of 17 high-mast LED fixtures and LED canopy lighting; and

• landscaping, hardscaping, and pavement.

The project would include a convenience store and two fast food restaurants. One fast food restaurant would be approximately 2,900 square feet (sf) in size with an external drive-through window, and the second would be approximately 1,400 sf without drive-through access. The convenience store would be approximately 8,450 sf. The convenience store and both restaurants would be located in the same building in the northeastern portion of the project site between the car and truck fueling stations. The proposed maintenance building would be approximately 9,866 sf in size and provide three truck maintenance bays for light maintenance activities, which may include: tire repair and replacement, air filter change, wiper blade maintenance, and oil and other fluid changes.

The auto fuel bays and diesel fuels bays would be accessible by separate entry points and separated physically by the fast food restaurants and convenience store. Underground fuel storage for passenger vehicles would be located southwest of the auto fuel bays. Three 20,000-gallon underground storage tanks would consist of 1) unleaded fuel; 2) a split tank for regular 12k and super 9k, and 3) diesel exhaust fluid. Above-ground storage tanks would be located next to the underground fuel tank storage area, and consist of four 12,000-gallon diesel tanks and one 12,000-gallon biodiesel tank.

Fueling islands would be covered by a canopy and would be have a hydrologically isolated drainage system that discharges to an oil/water separator with a 3,000-gallon capacity. The truck maintenance facility would also be covered and would include a similar drainage system with a 550-gallon oil/water separator. The five above-ground storage tanks would include a concrete containment curb which would catch and retain fuel in the event of a fuel spill.

The project would include three bioretention basins which would collect surface runoff and snowmelt from the site. Bioretention systems are designed to function in a similar manner as the physical, chemical, and biological processes in the natural environment. They capture runoff, promote infiltration and evapotranspiration, recharge groundwater, and remove nutrients, sediment, and heavy metals carried in stormwater.

The project would include the installation of various illuminated and non-illuminated advertising, directional, and informational signs. In addition to the on-site signs, a single high-rise, LED illuminated, multi-tenant sign that will advertise several tenants (Love’s, as well as other commercial establishments not connected to the project) would be placed approximately 0.4 miles north of the project site along the west side of South Weed Avenue. The high-rise sign would be located at the eastern edge of property owned by the City and would be a community sign with area available for future development on the west side of I-5.

The project site would be illuminated during nighttime hours by a combination of pole- and building-mounted fixtures. All proposed fixtures will be energy efficient LED non-glare, directional cut-off fixtures, intended to allow for dark-sky conditions and zero foot-candle light-spillage across the property lines. The building wall sconces provide not only the near-building security lighting, but with their battery packs, they double for the code required emergency egress lighting.

The proposed project would provide 74 automobile parking spaces and 97 truck parking spaces. Truck parking could be used for overnight parking; however, idling of trucks would be limited to no more than five minutes, consistent with California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.

The proposed travel stop would be open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and would be designed to accommodate up to 600 trucks and 1,200 cars per day. The project would employ approximately 35 people over three shifts. It is anticipated that up to 16 employees would be located on the project site at one time. Additionally, up to 10 deliveries to the project site may occur per day. Of that number, 3 deliveries per day would be small deliveries, such as those delivered by UPS or FedEx. While the two restaurants would likely receive one delivery truck each per week, a total of one per day would be the maximum. The additional 6 deliveries per day would be fuel. On-site diesel fuel would be stored in five above-ground storage tanks; gasoline and diesel exhaust fluid would be stored underground in storage tanks.

Significant Environmental Impacts

The analysis is the Draft EIR explains that the proposed project would have potential environmental impacts in the areas of aesthetics, biological resources, cultural and tribal resources, geology and soils, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, transportation, and utilities and service systems. Many potential environmental impacts within these areas would be reduced to a less-than-significant level with mitigation, as further described in the Draft EIR.

Document Availability

Copies of this Draft EIR are available for public review at the following locations:

• Weed City Hall

550 Main Street

Weed, CA 96094

• Weed Public Library

150 Alamo Avenue, Suite 1

Weed, CA 96094

The Draft EIR is also available for public review online at:

Providing Comments

The public comment period for the Draft EIR begins on June 15, 2018 and closes on July 30, 2018. Because of time limits mandated by state law, comments should be provided no later than 5:00pm on July 30, 2018. Please send all comments to:

City of Weed

Ron Stock, City Manager

550 Main Street

Weed, CA 96094

Phone: (530) 938-5020



The City of Weed Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the Draft EIR. The meeting time and location are as follows:

August 15, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Weed City Hall

550 Main Street

Weed, CA

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